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Watch Out for the Four Roadblocks That May Impede Your Plan to Get Professional Help

Watch Out for the Four Roadblocks That May Impede Your Plan to Get Professional Help


Watch Out for the Four Roadblocks That May Impede

Your Plan to Get Professional Help


People who experience psychological, emotional, and behavioral difficulties often fail to seek help. According to Healthline, experts estimate that one in every four people has a treatable emotional or behavioral condition, but up to 75 percent of them are reluctant to get professional help. For many, much of the resistance is based on misunderstandings of the common barriers that keep them from reaching out to a counselor. If only these roadblocks were cleared up, a larger number of people would achieve emotional health.


Perceived Barriers to Counseling

  1. Denial: A common reason for many not to seek counseling is denial that there is a problem, or that the issue at hand is bad enough to merit professional intervention. You may want to be stoic and resilient and believe you can overcome your difficulties. While these are admirable characteristics, you have a better chance of recovering from a psychological or emotional wound if you admit something is wrong. Getting professional help is the realistic way to achieve emotional health.
  1. Social stigma: In the past, seeing a counselor was considered a last course of action, and it was thought that only people with severe emotional conditions would see a therapist. The good news is that this stigma is much less common today, due to the proven benefits of professional counseling and so many individuals utilizing these effective services.


Nowadays, the services of credible counselors are sought by more and more people. Day-to-day life experiences, such as job-related worries, relationship issues, anxiety, insomnia and so many others can be worked through with counseling. You need not remain unhealthy because of concerns or views of other individuals.


  1. Fear of reliving painful experiences: Many people avoid counseling because they fear diving into memories of painful events such as the death of a loved one, abuse, or other major trauma. The fear is based on the terrifying thought of treating an almost healed wound. Before the external ache has faded, there is the need to extract the source of the pain that is harming you. In counseling, it may take reopening the original wound to make you heal completely.
  1. The accompanying costs: As a barrier, cost affects people differently. For example, those with limited finances may prioritize counseling as less important than food, rent, or clothing. If you have health insurance, you will find that costs are cut drastically for you. With some insurances, it will cost you nothing to get counseling.


Looking at the Brighter Side

Regardless of your reason for considering counseling, know that it can change your life. The barriers preventing you from seeking help cannot be larger than your desire to achieve wellness or too insurmountable to deny you a healthy and happy future.

The independently contracted counselors at Carolina Counseling Services — Pinehurst, NC, understand that some clients may feel anxious about starting therapy. The right-fit counselor will make you feel safe and comfortable in a nonjudgmental setting. Make a call now to get started on the bright side of life. With help from CCS — Pinehurst, NC, you will not be afraid anymore.


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