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Paying for Therapy (or copays) Using Your Credit Card

Paying for Therapy (or copays) Using Your Credit Card


Paying for Therapy (or copays) Using Your Credit Card


About one in every four American adults experiences a psychological, emotional, or behavioral condition in a given year, with about 6 percent having severe symptoms. These problems can take a toll on your general health. However, with health care costs continuing to rise, nearly half of all Americans diagnosed with psychological or emotional difficulties do not seek treatment, according to the Circulation Journal.

Money is one of the main reasons many people don’t seek treatment. However, there are various ways to pay for counseling, such as using a credit card.


Consider the following benefits of using your credit card to cover the cost of therapy if you do not have health insurance, or you choose not to use your health insurance OR if you prefer to pay your insurance copays with a credit card:

  • Convenience—There’s no need to carry wads of cash or go to the bank before your appointments. Paying with a credit card takes a swift swipe—faster than paying with cash and counting out coins.
  • No restrictions—You can choose the type of therapy that will work best for your emotional health. Paying with a credit card frees you to seek treatment from your preferred therapist, choose the number of sessions to have, and choose the people you want to be involved in each session. A credit card with adequate funds can be used for current or new treatment for you or your beneficiary.
  • Zero or low interest rates—If you pay off your balance on time, you can avoid interest charges on your therapy procedures. It’s a loan that helps you receive treatment you may not be able to afford immediately because you’re tight on budget.
  • No need for a diagnosis—You can get counseling without having to have symptoms that meet criteria for a diagnosis (health insurance requirements). If you are using it to pay copays, then you must still have symptoms that meet criteria, such as depression, anxiety, loss of energy, etc.
  • Confidential—The credit card will be run in your full view after each session. No information about your treatment will be retained, in order to protect your privacy.


The cost of counseling may be high, and you may need it when you don’t have insurance coverage or cash to spend. Once you recognize the signs that talking to your therapist will result in healing, it’s important to remember that you can use your credit card to pay for therapy. The independently contracted counselors with Carolina Counseling Services — Pinehurst, NC, are typically flexible about how they are paid.

If you choose to pay for counseling using a credit card, you will receive the same high-quality treatment and care as any other valued client at Carolina Counseling Services — Pinehurst, NC. Call now to schedule your first session.


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