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ODD | Your Teen Finally Saying “YES” Happily

ODD Counseling, Pinehurst NC, Oppositional defiant disorder

ODD | Your Teen Finally Saying “YES” Happily


“I don’t care!?” “Who cares?” What teenager hasn’t blurted these phrases out at one time or another? It is pretty common for teens to exclaim such out of exasperation when they can’t get what they want or when they are reprimanded for doing something that they were told not to do. Often, you may just IGNORE those exclamations, thinking they don’t really mean them. Yet, don’t you wish they would just say “YES” happily and be more obedient, cooperative and compliant?

You may have discovered that ignoring those utterances could be the best way to avoid confrontations or conflicts. The question is: Is avoidance the best thing that you can do under the circumstance? If your teenager is weighed down with oppositional defiant disorder or ODD, ignoring the signs and symptoms could be the worst thing you can do. They likely need prompt attention. ODD is a condition that needs expert help.


When Ultimatums Don’t Work

Your parenting style, such as using ultimatums and discipline, may have worked well with your other children. So, you could be at a loss when a child isn’t responding to it in the same, positive way. You may think that their responses have something to do with their adolescence. Maybe, you are right, but then it might be something else.

Adolescence can indeed be a difficult time for you and your teen. If he or she has ODD, however, it could be the principal reason for their defiance and utter disobedience. The teen challenges and pressures could, however, complicate their responses.

Teens that are defiant and oppositional because of ODD are unique. Your usual parenting style may not work for them. Without knowing that ODD is the culprit behind your teen’s misbehavior, you can get so exasperated, frustrated, disappointed, and even angry, you may not be able to help them accordingly. They don’t need more discipline or sterner consequences when gripped by ODD. What they need is understanding, special care and attentive parenting, and help from someone who have the professional training in assessing the symptoms and treating ODD.


Could It Be ODD

 ODD can’t be underestimated. About one to 15 percent of American children meet the criteria for ODD, making it the most prevalent emotional condition among the young people in the country. Despite the remarkable prevalence, it should be noted that many of these young people aren’t getting proper professional assistance. One of the leading reasons is the difficulty associated with recognizing symptoms.

Being in that stage when defiance is quite common or usual, the signs and symptoms can be masked by the other behaviors and responses. Even teens who are old enough to express their feelings may not consider their behavior to be defiant. They usually think that their responses are natural and acceptable, especially when faced with demands and situations that they perceive are insensible or restrictive.


Recognizing ODD Symptoms

How do you know your teenager isn’t just being stubborn or overwhelmed by teen issues and pressures? One of the most important things to remember is that it is expected for children to be defiant from time to time. Second, in most cases the onset of ODD happens before your child turns eight. There are, however, youngsters who manifest the symptoms when they reach adolescence. And third, the signs and symptom are varied.

Defiance alone isn’t a measure of ODD. This is why you have to check their other manifestations. ODD has behavioral and psychosocial symptoms. Behavioral symptoms may include disobedience, rebuffing adult requests, defying rules, intentionally annoying people, blaming others, irritability, vile speech when angry, revenge-seeking behaviors, moodiness, temper, getting involved with frequent arguments, and questioning rules. The glaring psychosocial symptoms of ODD are: “low self-esteem, social impairment, trouble maintaining friendships, anger, resentment, spiteful attitude, and negativity.”


Saving Your Teen from the Consequences of ODD

When a child has ODD, life can be challenging for everyone around them, including you and the family. They can push you to your limits and cause distress in your other children’s lives. More than your own difficulties, however, your teen stands to have a tough life with ODD.  As their defiance escalates, it can bring on many troubles. When untreated, many adverse scenarios could be awaiting your teenager.

They can get involved in activities that are dangerous and unhealthy. They may have academic difficulties and not finish high school. They may engage in fighting or abuse substances. They may become delinquent or start breaking laws and as they continue to suffer from its consequences. ODD can also result in their being vulnerable to other emotional conditions and red-flag behaviors, such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and self-harm.

Your child could be more prone to ODD with the following risk factors: developmental delays, family conflicts, parental divorce, and financial difficulties. These can mean that if any of these issues are present in your child’s life, be extra vigilant because these can trigger your teen to develop ODD or to complicate their condition.


Providing the Help at the Critical Time

 The “rebel teens” – they have seemingly been a part of life since time began. This label has been used in the past, but without really knowing why. Could it just be their personality, or could ODD be the reason? If your teenaged child is showing the ODD indications of defiance and disobedience to the extent that it is seriously affecting their behavior, health and relationships, you can do more than just accept the situation. Remember, they can’t be their best selves if ODD is weighing them down.

The best form of help, if your teen has ODD, may be the professional assistance of a trained, therapist independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – Pinehurst, NC. They can help evaluate the “rebel” manifestations and diagnose ODD. If they are indeed saddled with the condition, treatment can be provided to allow their more compliant self to emerge, fitting in and adjusting well to society, and saying YES, happily and more often!

Apple creator Steve Jobs had ODD, but that didn’t stop him from becoming great. Your teenager may have untapped potential, as well, and be the best that they can be if ODD can be resolved. The assistance of a therapist independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services – Pinehurst, NC, can be the answer you’re looking for. Call today to schedule your first appointment!

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