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CCS Accepts NCHC: Making Counseling Affordable for Children Ages 6-18

CCS Accepts NCHC: Making Counseling Affordable for Children Ages 6-18


CCS Accepts NCHC: Making Counseling Affordable

for Children Ages 6-18


It was once commonly believed that children didn’t experience psychological or emotional distress. However, even very young children manifest early symptoms that are often clinically diagnosable. Although the exact causes may not be known, mental health concerns in children can be a product of interacting biological, psychological, and social factors. Medscape reports that more than 17 million American children under the age of 18 have been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition, ranging from severe depression to deliberate self-harm.

Proper care and treatment are essential for recovery from these conditions. Unfortunately, most of these children are not treated. Many people tend to brush off children’s emotional health issues as cases of hormonal imbalance. However, they don’t just go away, and often they become a lot worse. When left untreated, the symptoms can prime the brain for more serious, debilitating conditions that can persist beyond childhood.


NCHC Brings Relief for Your Child

If you have a child diagnosed with psychiatric symptoms and find it financially difficult to support his or her treatment, you can enroll in North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC). Being a resident of the state of North Carolina with a low family income qualifies your child to access affordable counseling for emotional or behavioral concerns. NCHC is a state-supported health insurance program available for low-income children aged 6 to 18. Get more detailed information by visiting


Early Treatment Offers Greater Chances of Recovery

Psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues are real. The longer they are untreated, they worse they become as the affected child grows. Without help, the child can end up having problems at home, in school, and with relationships, and may get in trouble with the law. The great thing about NCHC is that it enables you to get help for your child. The earlier treatment is provided, the higher their chances of recovery. When you notice any distressing symptoms of children’s emotional health issues, reach out for help as soon as possible.


Where to Find Help

Raising a child with an emotional issue can be both challenging and frightening. It can also be frustrating when your family does not have adequate financial resources to support long-term treatment for your child.

If NCHC will cover the psychotherapeutic needs of your child, there’s no sense delaying getting help. Carolina Counseling Services Pinehurst, NC, is ready to provide help for whatever issue needs to be seriously addressed. You’ll know you are making the right decision when you entrust your child to one of the counselors independently contracted with CCS Pinehurst, NC. When you make a call, the friendly staff will instruct you on how to obtain the NCHC-required doctor’s referral. Schedule an appointment now.


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